Target Delivery Workers Threaten to Walk off Job Tuesday If Coronavirus Protection Demands Aren't Met

The coronavirus has created quite the strain when it comes to those involved in essential businesses. Target, which was ordered to stop selling non-essential items in Vermont due to the fear of asymptomatic people being potential carriers, is close to finding that out after a recent blog post was published by some of the company's drivers, who work under the company Shipt. In the message, the workers are threatening to walk off the job on Tuesday.

Using Medium to post the story, a group of shoppers for the delivery service, which was purchased by Target in 2017 and also delivers for other grocery stores, explained their reasoning for a potential protest. The message opens up by revealing that the workers have been pushing and eventually denied hazard pay, 14 days of sick pay and PPE. There was also an order put out a few days prior in which a pay cut, which was the second time this year, lowered the payout for canceled orders. The entry then says that Target and Shipt's "shady ways" are becoming more evident.

The plan is to conduct a walk off on Tuesday while demanding a series of changes. They are asking for hazard pay that amounts to $5, because "the current pay is insultingly low to work during this pandemic." There is also a push to expand upon Shipt's 14-day policy for anyone who contracts COVID-19. Workers want that to also cover people who are high risk at exposure or have a doctor's note.

The workers are also hoping to get PPE for every employee.

"Many shoppers have been unable to work because they cannot afford the risks without proper PPE and hazard pay. Further, we need hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes to help curb the spread of this historic pandemic," the post explains.


Among other demands, the employees are bringing light to Shipt taking advantage of new workers by not giving them proper training to succeed.

"Quite frankly, Shoppers are fed up with Shipt disregarding the health and safety of customers and shoppers while playing games with Shopper pay," the post wraps up with. "During these uncertain times, Shipt must not put profits before people. It is unconscionable for Shipt to continue to ignore the concerns of its shoppers. Target is the 8th largest retailer in the country. They can afford to protect us and our customers during this pandemic."