Talk Show Guest Who Boasted of Shooting off His Own Leg Dies After Appearance

A guest on the Jeremy Kyle Show who boasted of shooting off his own leg died shortly before the episode aired.

It was announced at the end of the show that Ian, who made a 50-minute appearance on Wednesday morning’s episode under the segment “You brainwashed my stepdaughter – today I’ll prove I’m not her dad,” had passed away, though the cause of his death was not revealed, The Sun reports.

Ian had quickly won over fans of the show after revealing that he had blown off his own leg with a shotgun and had then proceeded to show host Jeremy Kyle and the audience his prosthetic leg. Some even took to social media to express their amusement.

The results of a DNA test were revealed near the end of the episode, confirming that Ian had been telling the truth all along – he was not the father of Patricia, who he claimed had been brainwashed by her aunt and uncle after she went to live with them.

Fans had been speculating that Ian could possibly appear on a later episode to see if he had managed to mend his relationship with Patricia, but that hope was squashed when a tribute card to Ian appeared on the screen before the end credits revealing that he had died in 2017.