'Suspicious' Package Sent to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Was Actually Just Filled With Manure

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin received an early Christmas gift last night that prompted a response from the LAPD bomb squad.

Mnuchin's neighbor found the package outside his house on Saturday night, though it was addressed to Mnuchin. The bomb squad, along with the secret service, cleared the package around 8 p.m. when they determined there was nothing inside but horse manure.

Mnuchin and his neighbors were not forced to evacuate ahead of the possible threat, though traffic was stopped on the road as a precaution. Passersby told reporters from NBC Los Angeles that they were not surprised to see this in Bel-Air, where so many wealthy and influential people live.

"There's a lot of high end people here," one man said.

A Christmas card was reportedly attached the package, though its contents weren't released in full. Law enforcement sources told reporters that the note made some negative references to Mnuchin's work in the Trump administration, and specifically the recent tax bill signed on Dec. 22.

Mnuchin was home throughout the incident, and was reportedly made aware of what his anonymous gift consisted of.

The source of the package is being investigated by the LAPD as well as the Secret Service, though they seem to think that the prank is over with and Mnuchin is no longer facing an imminent threat.


The GOP tax bill the spurred the gift was one of the least popular tax plans of all time according to polls, including the most recent attempt to raise federal taxes. It's one of President Trump's first legislative wins since taking office.