Popular Summer Side Dish Recalled Across 8 States

With summer weather finally here, a popular side dish at barbecues, picnics and the like has been recalled across eight different states. Hy-Vee, Inc. and Mealtime brand potato salad have issued a recall based on a "presumptive positive microbial test result."

Nothing has been found yet, but the company took some cautionary steps due to a test they were awaiting the results for over the holiday weekend. The FDA grabbed the baton on July 8 and boosted the recall notice for more to see.

The recall concerns "all varieties and all sizes of Hy-Vee Potato Salad and Mealtime Potato Salad" found in the refrigerated cases or deli cases at their Hy-Vee and Dollar Fresh Market locations. These stores are found across an "eight-state region" that includes Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Aside from the regular varieties of potato salad, the dijon mustard, green onion & egg, chipotle ranch, diced red skin, loaded baked potato salads from Hy-Vee are also included. Mealtime Old Fashioned, Country Style and Dijon Mustard varieties are also named in the recall.

Customers who purchased the potato salad are urged not to consume it, and can either dispose of it or return it to their local store for a full refund. Customers can also reach out for answers at Hy-Vee Customer Care at customercare@hy-vee.com.


No real specifics were added to define the microbial contamination on the line that processed the potatoes. The company assumes it will be positive, though, so it's best to be safe rather than sorry.