Summer Essentials: 10 Items to Help Beat the Heat and Have Fun!

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Summer has been in full swing for almost two full months, but there's still a whole lot left, and plenty of heat along with it. With weeks behind us, there are still several more full of pool parties, road trips, camping amusement parks, and many more fun summer activities. One thing to remember when planning your summer is remembering to make sure you have everything you need to have fun.

If you're heading out to the woods to do some camping, you're likely to remember things like a tent and a sleeping bag. For poolside hangouts, it's imperative we bring along sunscreen, snacks, and some drinks to set the vibe. How about those long road trips to visit family or friends? Maybe heading to ride some roller coasters or to the beach? Whatever we're out doing this summer, it's likely we're going to forget something. 


That's where we here at come in. Below, you'll find a list of great summer essentials that you might not have even realized you NEED to have. Such as...

✅ Editor's Pick: Eli & Elm Cooling Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow


Look, summer is hot — July and August especially. Beating the heat can be tough, and this amazing pillow from Eli & Elm will help. Specially designed for side sleepers, this pillow has a latex noodle fill that supports optimal airflow for a cooler pillow. It also has a smooth cotton cover that is designed to dissipate heat. Take it with you on a road trip or to help keep your head cool on a camping trip this summer! Pick it up from Eli & Elm here.


✅ Editor's Pick: Chunk Nibbles

(Photo: Chunk Nibbles / Amazon)

Chunk Nibbles are an absolute MUST-have snack this summer. In addition to being delicious, they're perfect for literally any situation you might find yourself in: by the pool or beach, on a hike, or taking a long road trip. We especially love the Peanut Butter & Chocolate flavored ones! Grab some now from the official website.


Loyal 9 Lemonade Cocktails

(Photo: Loyal 9)

Made with real lemons and vodka, Loyal 9's non-carbonated cocktails are smooth, flavorful drinks that will enhance your pool party, backyard BBQ, or long beachside weekend. They come in multiple flavors, but the original and Lemonade + Iced Tea versions are top-tier summer drinks. Check them out here!

Pull Start Fire

(Photo: Amazon)

One of the most difficult parts of camping can be getting a good fire started for cooking up hot dogs and keep warming at night. With these pull start fire logs, however, this problem can be a thing of the past! Pick up a three-pack over at Amazon!


Flowjo: The Self-Care Bucket List


Summer is synonymous with fun mindfulness and that's where Flowjo comes in! If you are itching for ideas this summer, whether for yourself or with family, this self-care box empowers users with powerful and fun ways to practice self-love that goes deeper than a night in with Netflix or a bubble bath. Offering a box filled with thoughtful self-care activities designed to slow you down for a more playful, generous and abundant life, the Self-Care Bucket List box is filled with 100 ways to put yourself first and broken up into three major categories: Life, Love and Laughter. Get your fun box at Flowjo!


Wild Willies Beard Care

(Photo: Wild Willies / Amazon)

Summer can be rough on the most bearded of us, and it's very important to make sure you keep that facial fur clean and comfortable. Wild Willies is a beard care company that makes some phenomenal products, such as the Cool Mint Beard Oil, which is perfect for keeping your beard feeling fresh in the summer heat. Grab a Wild Willies grooming kit here!


✅ Editor's Pick: Uber Appliances Soft Serve Maker


Nothing beats the heat quite like cold treats! The Healthy Sorbet Machine from Uber Appliances is one of the best gadgets you will need to beat the summer heat this season. Whether it's the scorching temperatures of summer or even just a cozy winter's night, making your own fruit sorbet or natural ice cream is a healthy alternative to the usual storebought tubs. Best of all, the recipe guide in the package is very helpful in getting creative and catering to non-dairy diets. This easy-to-clean, one-touch kitchen appliance also includes a four-piece ice pop mold for those frozen popsicle treats! Get yours today from Uber Appliances!


Honorable Mentions

In addition to all the summer mentioned earlier items, we have a few more we want to recommend!

  • SLRRRP shots: These pre-made gelatin shots are perfect for any summer get-together. They're available at stores all over the nation, including Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, 7-11 and Circle K.
  • Lone River Ranch Water: Always a great addition to any summer event, the Lone River hard seltzer brand has a number of great flavors — including the new Ranch Rita — that just have to keep nearby and on ice. You can order their variety 12-packs right from Amazon!