Subway Customer Outraged Restaurant Couldn't Fill 63-Sandwich Order in Less Than an Hour

A one-star Yelp review for a Subway restaurant has gone viral, since the reviewer complained the store could not fill her 63-sub order in less than an hour.

subway yelp review
(Photo: Reddit)

"As a last minute resort Me and my sister went to this subway to get 63 footlong subs for my grandson's Confirmation party and had to wait for over an hour for the subs!" the review, dated Jan. 4, reads. "Ridiculously long wait and the lady who took my order seemed really annoyed with me."

The review first gained attention on Reddit in April, where more than 900 users were flabbergasted by it. Some wondered how the person could have complained when the Subway managed to make 63 subs at a rate of one per minute.

"Imagine making 63 subs in an hour, on short notice, just to get a one star review. What a kick in the balls," one person wrote.

"63 sandwiches / 1 hours is roughly 1 sandwich per minute! That's some impressive speed! What does she have to complain about!? My single sandwich orders at Subway take longer than that!" another wrote.

On May 7, the review went viral again, this time on Twitter. A user named Leonard Cowalksi shared the screenshot.

"Only waited an hour? That's a production rate of 1 sub/minute. Pretty f– good I'd say especially with no prior notice," one Twitter user replied.

Others also shared their personal horror stories while working at retail or in restaurants.

"I had someone come in and get 120 $5 giftcards... which have to be individually activated... and then got upset with me when it took an hour, it was in the middle of an 80 degree Saturday at an ice cream shop [and] our line was wrapped around the store," one person wrote.

"Every so often at Starbucks someone would try to order multiple travelers (the spigot boxes of coffee) through the drive thru during the morning rush and act like I had shot their dog when I told them to come inside," another shared.

Other Twitter users tracked down the reviewer's other comments on Yelp, discovering she routinely leaves negative reviews.

In one review, she gave a Taco Bell three out of five stars after eating "four 5-layer beef burritos" that hurt her stomach so much she went to an emergency room. But then, she added, "I ate at [Wendy's] and [McDonald's] within the two hours previous so I can't be sure the culprit, but I mostly threw up the beef and cheese so I suspect it was the Taco Bell!"

"Is this person doing a bit?" one Twitter user asked in response.


Photo credit: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images