Stimulus Checks: Nancy Pelosi Reveals Where Talks Stand as of Tuesday

Over the past several months, Congress has been trying to come together on a second stimulus package without success. On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave an update on where stimulus talks stand today between Democrats and Republicans. According to CNBC, Pelosi's statement highlighted the "serious differences" that the two sides have on stimulus-related legislation.

Pelosi reportedly spoke with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday in an effort to put an end to the impasse between the lawmakers. Although, as she recounted to reporters shortly after the 36-minute-long conversation took place, their discussion did not prove to be a successful one. Pelosi said, "Sadly, this phone call made clear that Democrats and the White House continue to have serious differences understanding the gravity of the situation that America's working families are facing." The California Democrat noted that the two sides disagree on the total price point of the next package. Democrats originally proposed a package that would total $3 trillion. But, they later said that they would compromise on a figure that is closer to $2.2 trillion. As for President Donald Trump's administration, they have not called for a package higher than $1.3 trillion.

Pelosi's comments came on the same day that she and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer released a joint statement in which they urged the Republicans to take action on another stimulus plan. In their statement, they specifically stressed the need for rent relief, as they noted that over 40 million Americans are at risk of eviction due to issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. They also expressed that it has been over three months since the Democrats passed their stimulus package, the HEROES Act, in the House, but that it has made no further headway in Congress.

"For over 100 days, Senate Republicans have refused to take up the Heroes Act which contains robust funding for rental assistance for struggling families," they wrote. "And the President has offered nothing but a weak and unworkable Executive Order that has done nothing to help working families, including many from communities of color, keep a roof over their heads." Pelosi and Schumer concluded their statement by urging the Republicans to take action so that they can make sure that Americans are safe and financially sound amidst the ongoing health crisis. They added, "It's long past time for Republicans and President Trump to stop following the returns from Wall Street and wake up to the problems of Americans living on Main Street. Republicans must join House and Senate Democrats to respond to the growing need by doing everything in our power to keep families healthy, safe, and secure—in their own homes."