Stimulus Checks: Donald Trump Sending Letter to Americans With Checks

Americans eligible for coronavirus stimulus checks will be getting a little something extra in the mail. According to numerous reports, Americans will be receiving a signed letter from President Donald Trump. Although the letter has garnered its fair share of backlash, Trump noted during his Friday press briefing that it was required by the CARES Act, which was passed by Congress in March, as a record of a deposit from the Treasury Department.

Sent in an envelope marked by the IRS as part of the Treasury Department, with postage and fees paid for by the IRS, according to ABC News, the letter, provided in both English and Spanish, reads "Your Economic Impact Payment Has Arrived" in bold text at the top of the page just below "The White House" letterhead. It begins with "My Fellow American."

"Our great country is experiencing an unprecedented public health and economic challenge as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic," it says. "Our top priority is your health and safety. As we wage total war on this invisible enemy, we are also working around the clock to protect hardworking Americans like you from the consequences of the economic shutdown. We are fully committed to ensuring that you and your family have the support you need to get through this time."

The letter goes on to not the passing of the CARES Act and praises the "overwhelming bipartisan support." He adds that as part of the economic recovery plan, Americans will be receiving "fast and direct economic assistance."


"Every American should take tremendous pride in the selflessness, courage and compassion f our people,”"the letter concludes. "America's drive, determination, innovation and sheer willpower have conquered every previous challenge — and they will continue to conquer this one too. Just as we have before, America will triumph yet again — and rise to new heights of greatness. We will do it together, as one nation, stronger than ever before.”"

The letter comes after the president had his name printed on the paper checks that will be sent to millions of Americans who are not receiving their payouts via direct deposit. While a letter sent from the president and including his signature is not unheard of — former President George W. Bush included his name in letters announcing the economic stimulus payments in 2001, and again in 2008 when announcing payments amid the recession. The Washington Post notes that this is the first time a president's signature has appeared on checks going directly to Americans.