Stimulus Checks: Read Donald Trump's Letter to US Citizens Sent out With Coronavirus Payments

As coronavirus stimulus relief checks are being sent out to those who did not receive theirs by [...]

As coronavirus stimulus relief checks are being sent out to those who did not receive theirs by way of direct deposit, President Donald Trump has included a letter to all U.S. citizens who will receive the payments. The money is being distributed by the IRS, who issued the first payouts to taxpayers whose banking information was previously made available to the departments. According to CNN, the Trump letter is a one-page message to citizens, that is translated into Spanish on the opposite side.

"We are fully committed to ensuring that you and your family have the support you need to get through this time," the letter reads. It goes on to say, "Our great country is experiencing an unprecedented public health and economic challenge as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic." Trump also writes, "Our top priority is your health and safety. As we wage total war on this invisible enemy, we are also working around the clock to protect hardworking Americans like you from the consequences of the economy shutdown." The full letter can be seen below.

During a White House briefing on Friday, Trump stated that the CARES Act included a requirement dictating that the government "send out a notice of what benefits Americans are receiving." He added, "To fulfill the requirement, the Treasury Department is mailing a letter to me."

In the CARES Act legislation, there is a section that states: "Not later than 15 days after the date on which the (Treasury) Secretary distributed any payment to an eligible taxpayer pursuant to this subsection, notice shall be sent by mail to such taxpayer's last known address. Such notice shall indicate the method by which such payment was made, the amount of such payment, and a phone number for the appropriate point of contact at the Internal Revenue Service to report any failure to receive such payment."

Notably, the Trump letter details comes after there was controversy surrounding the notion that paper stimulus checks would be delayed so that president's signature could be included on them. Regarding the situation, Trump said, "Well, I don't know too much about it, but I understand my name is there. I don't know where they're going, how they're going. I do understand it's not delaying anything. And I'm satisfied. I don't imagine it's a big deal. I'm sure people will be very happy to get a big fat beautiful check and my name is on it."