Stimulus Checks: Andrew Yang Isn't Letting up on Congress for Holding up Relief, Says 'Americans Deserve Better'

Andrew Yang has a message for all of the lawmakers who have still not been able to agree on another stimulus package. Yang, who recently campaigned to become the Democratic nominee for the presidency, urged politicians to pass an economic relief bill as "people are hurting" amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Lawmakers have been trying to agree on a stimulus package over the last several months. Still, Democrats and Republicans disagree on many aspects of the next bill, including the total price point.

On Twitter, Yang wrote that people have been asking him about why there hasn't been any stimulus relief from the government. In response, he said that the simple answer is "politics," in reference to the disagreements between the Democrats and the Republicans, which have led to this impasse. He continued to write that Americans deserve better from their elected officials, especially during such a dire time such as this. Yang went on to urge lawmakers to take action on another stimulus package as "time is not on our side."

Democrats most recently unveiled their new stimulus plan, dropping about $1 trillion from their previous proposal. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reportedly had high-ranking members of the party draft up a new proposal with a price cap of $2.4 trillion. This proposal would still include many of the items that Americans are most concerned with, such as unemployment aid, the Paycheck Protection Program and another stimulus check. The stimulus check from this proposal will likely be $1,200, just as it was based on the CARES Act.


However, the biggest difference in this proposal ties back to how much to pay per dependent. Under this plan, individuals will receive $1,200 per dependent with a limit of three. Republicans previously called for $500 per dependent with no limit. The Democrats' latest plan would also include funding for adult dependents, unlike the first round of stimulus legislation. While the Democrats did offer up this new proposal, it's unclear whether it will garner enough support from those across the aisle to pass.