Stimulus Checks: Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Says There's No Need for Second Stimulus

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has stated his opinion on the much-debated second stimulus package and is decidedly against it. On Thursday, the governor spoke about Oklahoma City's revised plan as coronavirus cases, and unemployment continues to rise across the country.

"I don't think we need another stimulus package, no," Stitt told reporters, according to KTUL. He went on to say the state has been focused on allocating the money they received from the CARES Act back in March. "Before we go to the to the well and do another $2 trillion bailout, let's make sure, let's get these monies out the door first," he said. He also told Oklahoma's congressional delegation and the White House, and simply doesn't see a need for another stimulus package.

The CARES Act delivered $1.2 billion to Oklahoma to support its economy amid the pandemic. The state has sliced that money up among cities, businesses, schools and more. The state also announced on Thursday that it would be putting $250 million of that CARES Act money will be split among cities and counties, noting that Tulsa would be getting just over $30 million.

While the debates over the proposed HEALS Act continue, with apparently little progress, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have stated they're cautiously optimistic about their progress. "Exactly when that deal comes together I can't tell you, but I think it will at some point in the near future," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNBC's Squawk on the Street. Pelosi agreed, who said she expects an agreement that will boost both the economy and health-care system that have been impacted by the pandemic. "Will we find a solution? We will," Pelosi said. "Will we have an agreement? We will."

President Donald Trump has also repeatedly floated the idea of passing certain provisions being debated via executive order. "Upon departing the Oval Office for Ohio, I've notified my staff to continue working on an Executive Order with respect to Payroll Tax Cut, Eviction Protections, Unemployment Extensions, and Student Loan Repayment Options," he tweeted Thursday morning. This came just one day after Wednesday's press conference when Trump said his administration is "exploring executive actions to provide protection against eviction" and "additional relief" to unemployed Americans. He also added that he was "also looking at a term-limited suspension of the payroll tax."