Stimulus Checks: How One Family Already Received Second Payment With No Explanation

While millions of Americans are awaiting a decision on a second stimulus payment from the federal government, one family found themselves with a second payment in the mail long before anybody else. According to KSLTV, the Wood family in West Jordan, Utah, received their $1,200 stimulus in April. Then in June, they opened the mail to find another $1,200 payment within.

The extra money seems like it would be a positive addition to this tough time, helping to relieve the stress. But according to KSLTV, the family can't get an answer on if they're allowed to keep the money.

"We keep getting sent around in circles," Sally Wood told reporters, with husband Ryan Wood adding his own take. "The last thing we want to have happen is, you know, we spend the money and then not be able to return it."

Sally Wood is the perfect example of a person who desperately needs the money from the government. She lost her job due to the pandemic and the money would come in handy, but the family has been reluctant to spend the second payment.

"I've not been able to get through call the phone number," she said. "There's no option that says, 'If you receive a second stimulus check, then push this number.'"

Sadly, KSLTV noted that any overpayments would likely have to go back to the IRS. Errors have been prevalent with the stimulus checks and payments, affecting nearly everybody at some level. Even yearly tax returns have been delayed or slowed up due to the stimulus efforts.

But for the Wood family, it would seem that the money was indeed theirs. An IRS spokesman wouldn't comment when asked by the news outlet, but the family received a letter on official White House stationery. The letter noted the money was correctly deposited and meant for Sally Wood's two teenage sons from a prior marriage.


So in the end, Sally and Ryan Wood were able to keep the extra payment and learned it wasn't an error in their benefit. The same can't be said for others who are still expected to pay back any extra money or return payments sent to those who are deceased.

Hopefully, a potential second stimulus will go smoother for families across the country. With July creeping up, time is growing short for a second payment to be effective.