Still Waiting for Your $600 Stimulus Check? Here's What the IRS Says to Do

The second stimulus check is now being distributed, and the Internal Revenue Service is asking Americans to go to its website if they need more information. The IRS is responsible for distributing the $600 checks passed by the U.S. Congress last month. However, the agency says its phone operators will not be able to give Americans individual information.

The IRS posted a news release on Monday promising that "Economic Impact Payments [are] on their way." The agency said that its phone lines are backed up with calls from anxious Americans, wanting to make sure that their payment is really coming. However, it warns that operators do not have any more information than what is available on, so bogging them down with calls will not speed up the process. They ask Americans to be patient as direct deposits and paper checks go out.

According to the IRS, it "may take several days to post" direct deposit payments into individual accounts. Some began receiving their payments this week, while others may now be able to see the deposit in their account as "pending" or "provisional."

For those that did not provide direct deposit information to the IRS in their most recent tax filing, the payment will be mailed to the physical address they have on file. The agency said that "Paper checks also began going out and will continue to be sent through January. Some people will be mailed debit cards in January, and the IRS urges people to carefully check their mail."

"Mailed payments will require more processing and mailing time," the agency warned. "Those who reside abroad will have longer wait times for checks as disruptions to air travel and mail delivery in some countries will slow delivery."


These payments are automatically on their way to eligible Americans, and right now there is no action required by anyone to claim their check. However, the IRS has reopened its "Get My Payment" online tool, which allows Americans to track the status of their stimulus check on

Sadly, that online tool is not prepared to help Americans change their banking information or mailing address this time around. If an eligible taxpayer needs to reroute their stimulus check, they will need to claim it on their 2020 tax return as the Recovery Rebate Credit. For more details, visit the IRS website.