Steak-umm Reignites Its Twitter Beef With Neil deGrasse Tyson in New Rant Grilling Astrophysicist

Whatever we might have expected from 2021, it's likely a fair assessment that nobody predicted the [...]

Whatever we might have expected from 2021, it's likely a fair assessment that nobody predicted the Steak-umm brand reigniting its Twitter beef with Neil deGrasse Tyson. In a new rant grilling the world-famous astrophysicist, Steak-umm told Tyson to "log off bro" after he tweeted that science is "true, whether" someone believes in it "or not." The Steak-umm account then dug in on Tyson, accusing him of being misleading.

"The irony of Neil's tweet is that by framing science itself as 'true' he's influencing people to be more skeptical of it in a time of unprecedented misinformation," Steak-umm wrote. "Science is an ever refining process to find truth, not a dogma. no matter his intent, this message isn't helpful." After a Twitter user commented that it seemed like Steak-umm "changed social media personnel," the brand replied, "Nope. Science itself isn't 'true' it's a constantly refining process used to uncover truths based in material reality and that process is still full of misteaks. Neil just posts ridiculous sound bites like this for clout and he has no respect for epistemology."

Someone else quipped, "What's the beef here? (pardon the pun)." Steak-umm responded, "Just sick of Neil's games." Another user joked, "It's rare for you to use this medium to go down the well like this." Steak-umm hit back, "How dare you."

This is not the first time that Steak-umm has beefed with Tyson, as HITC noted that the brand has been serving it to the scientist since around 2018. Back then the brand joked that Tyson was one of a number of things that should be left in 2018. Also on the list: "negative people," Facebook, "snitch tagging," and the word "yet."

For those wondering who, or what, Steak-umm is, they are an American-based meat company that is most well-known for selling thinly sliced frozen steaks. As noted by HITC, Eugene Gagliardi invented the product in 1968, creating the thin-sliced meat by using the Philly cheesesteak as his basis for a concept. Steak-umm was later officially started as a company in 1975. Over the years, the company was sold a handful of times but is now owned by Quaker Maid Meats.