Stars Unite to Celebrate 'Time's Up' Defense Fund Reaching $15 Million

#TIMESUP on abuse, harassment & the imbalance of power. Not just in Hollywood, but every industry! [...]

After less than a month, the Times Up Legal Defense Fund has reached its $15 million goal on GoFundMe, and the stars who started it are rejoicing.

The fund will subsidize the legal fees of victims of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse in the work place. It's meant to help service the campaign's overall goal of ending systemic injustice and ensuring that all people have an equal chance of achieving aspirations.

The video features Reese Witherspoon, Rashida Jones, Brie Larson, Kerry Washington, Tessa Thompson and Tracee Ellis Ross thanking supporters for their donations and encouraging them to stay active in the campaign.

The funding goal couldn't have been reached at a more perfect moment for Time's Up, as the campaign will make a big push at tonight's Golden Globes award ceremony. Many celebrities are already planning to wear black to the event in solidarity with the women who came forward about sexual misconduct in the last quarter of 2017.

Time's Up has undertaken great pains to keep the trend focused on the issues instead of turning it into a fad or a status contest. The organizers have spread infographics all over social media to explain the meaning of the black attire, the Time's Up pins, and other forms of activism at tonight's event.


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The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund is still accepting donations, promising to reach out to more industries and help more victims seek justice depending on the amount of money they can raise.