Springhill High School on Lockdown After Shooting Leaves 1 Injured

Springhill High School was on lockdown today, after a shooting near the Tennessee campus left one person injured.

As reported by Fox 17 in Nashville, Tennessee, the shooting did not happen at the school, but nearby.

The high school ws subsequently placed on lockdown while police investigated the shooting. The lockdown was lifted around 1 p.m. local time.

Police have reported that there appears to only be one victim, and that they were injured but not killed.

The shooting suspect was said to be "at large" for a period of time, but law enforcement has since brought the potential suspect into custody.

The school released a statement on Twitter, sharing details of the lockdown, and explaining the basis for the cautionary decision.

"Good afternoon, SHHS Administration wanted to let you know that we are being cautious with a hard lockdown here at school this afternoon after a request from the Sheriffs Department who are attending to an incident nearby," the statement read. "There have been no incidences on campus."

The school later announced that the "lockdown has been lifted and classes have resumed as normal."

News Channel 5 reported that the shooting near Springhill High School took place at a Shell gas station, which is located across the street from the school.

The news outlet also reported that the victim was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but added that their condition was unknown.


Police have not shared the identities of the victim or the suspect, and it is not known if they are investigating any further suspects.

Ultimately, the school itself appears to be in the clear, as evident by the all-clear message, but considering the proximity it is logical that they would be extra careful by initiating lockdown measures, to keep the students and faculty safe.