'SNL' Lambasts Donald Trump's Polling Numbers, Rally Behavior During 'Weekend Update'

Saturday Night Live set their sights on President Donald Trump yet again during their weekly "Weekend Update" segment. Co-anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che took turns taking jabs at the POTUS and those around him in what was a sillier-than-usual round of jokes on the NBC staple. First up was the recent polling numbers conducted by Fox News that say 51 percent of Americans support the impeachment of Trump.

"You know it's bad 'cause Fox News barely talked about their own poll. I saw the poll all over MSNBC, when I flipped to Fox News they were decorating cakes," Jost alleged. "Meanwhile, on CNN I saw this headline: 'Trump Loses Five Court Cases in One Day as He Distances Himself From Giuliani,' and then I couldn't read anymore. It's never good when there's no much bad news CNN has to switch to a smaller font."

Then they dipped into the arrests of Rudy Giuliani associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who are accused of illegally putting foreign funds into U.S. political campaigns. Jost mocked the pair, saying they sounded like henchman who would have been killed in a John Wick movie. He then played a montage of the pair taking pictures with Trump set to Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back in Town."

"God, they photograph well," Jost said, before pointing the fact that the pair owns businesses called "Mafia Rave" and "Fraud Guarantee."

Che then took some easy jabs, saying "they look like they use vodka as cologne" and "these guys have definitely worn tracksuits to their daughter's wedding."

"These are easy jokes but I 'm surprised these guys were helping the president and not, I don't know, helping George Costanza get that Frogger machine across the street."

Jost then pointed out a bizarre clip from a recent Trump rally that showed the president seemingly impersonating two FBI agents have sex.

"First of all, he's killing. Like, the audience loves it. I'm actually jealous. That rally was like Showtime at the Apollo except, you know, opposite," Jost said, then taking a self-deprecating shot at his own acting skills. "Also, the crowd is laughing along like they have any idea who these two FBI agents are. I bet Trump's impression of those two agents are about as accurate as my impression of Pete Buttigieg."

"Do you think after this whole impeachment thing is over we can just take a year off from presidents? Just to clear our heads. You know, not rush into someone else horrible?" Che joked. "Right now my standards are so low, I saw Bernie Sanders have a heart attack and I was like, 'maybe him!'"

Che then voiced his own tiring of the political system, wishing the U.S. could take a "break" from presidents after Trump.


He added, "I mean we can afford a break, right? We're a first-world country. Why don't just take some of that old free cotton money and coast for a year until we get our groove back?"

Photo Credit: NBC