'Slenderman' Stabbing: Morgan Geyser Too 'Dangerous' for Release Ten Years After Infamous Crime

The infamous 12-year-old is now 21 and hoping to go free.

The young girl at the center of the Slenderman stabbing case is seeking her release from incarceration, ending her 40-year sentence a bit early. However, according to The Daily Mail, the psychologists who spoke to the court about Geyser's condition painted the picture of someone who is far from ready for release.

"We have issues with being able to reliably trust her own self appraisal," Dr. Brooke Lundbohm told the court. Dr. Deborah Collins added her own professional take for the court, though she did see a shorter path for Geyser compared to her collegue.

"It's my opinion to a reasonable degree of professional certainty that she currently presents a significant risk of bodily harm to herself or others if conditionally released," Collins said. "If pressed to estimate the number of months, I would estimate six to twelve months. I know she's not ready now."

Geyser's co-defendant, Anissa Weier, was granted her conditional release in 2021. The next step for Geyser is Judge Michael Bohren deciding if Geyser will receive the same consideration. If she is transitioned for release, she'll be transferred to a private mental hospital to start before being released to her own home. She'll still be under electronic monitoring with regular checks by state agents and mental health professionals once she is finally released.