Six Flags Still Charging Season Pass Holders, Unless They Do One Thing

Six Flags theme parks are closed for at least another month and a half, but some customers are still being charged for their season passes. On Sunday, TMZ reported that Six Flags was charging customers who had signed up for a season pass paid monthly. A few hours later, the company clarified that customers can opt out of this arrangement.

Six Flags announced on Thursday that it was closing its parks until at least mid-May. In Los Angeles, California, that meant that customers might be paying about $30 per month without getting any access to Magic Mountain or Hurricane Harbor. However, after the report caused some outrage online, Six Flags clarified that customers were given a choice to end that subscription. Those that kept it were given some big perks.

"For guests with prepaid tickets, the valid dates have been extended to the end of the 2020 season," Six Flags explained in a statement on its website. "For current 2020 Season Pass Holders, passes will be extended for the number of operating days the park is temporarily closed."

After TMZ's report went up, Six Flags reached out to reporters to clarify that any customers who were still being charged for their season passes had elected to do so. In exchange, they will be given a free pass upgrade. Anyone who would still rather cancel can still reach out to their local Six Flags park and do so.

Six Flags has many membership tiers with different payment options available. Prices on those can vary from park to park, but with the coronavirus pandemic keeping everything closed for the spring, the company is currently offering some incredible deals for those that sign up now.

Season passes at Magic Mountain are up to 65 percent off at the time of this writing. These deals include perks like waived signup fees and free parking passes as well. Even single day passes are up to 50 percent off if purchased right now, with prices starting at $46.50.

The risk of these purchases is the amount of time customers will have to take advantage of them. Six Flags says that it hopes to re-open "in mid-May, or as soon as possible thereafter." However, some experts say social distancing will have to go on longer than that. The state of Virginia has instituted a stay-at-home order through June 10, and other timelines stretch even further than that.


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