Sherri Papini Reportedly Had Male DNA on Her After Alleged Kidnapping

After being kidnapped last November, California mom Sherri Papini had both male and female DNA on her clothing at the time she was found.

"The male DNA was compiled from the clothing Sherri was found wearing," Shasta County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Brian Jackson told PEOPLE.

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Jackson says that the female DNA sample was taken from Papini's body at the hospital.

Papini told police that she was abducted at gunpoint by two Hispanic women. She said that one was in her 20s or 30s while the other one was between 40 and 50. She says the two spoke in Spanish the majority of the time.

Jackson explained that the samples were uploaded into the CODIS DNA database earlier this year in either April or May. At this time, there have been no matches to known offenders for the DNA.

Authorities said that Sherri's husband, Keith, was not among the two profiles.

Sheriff Jackson says the kidnappers gave her clothing to wear so it was possible "that the clothing that was provided to Sherri are clothes that belonged to somebody who was an acquaintance of the captors, and hopefully down the road, once we get these females identified, we will get the answers for that."

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The Sheriff's office also revealed in a press release earlier this week that Papini and a male acquaintance from Michigan were involved in an "online/texting relationship."

"The text messages went back several months to days before her disappearance," says Jackson. "It was a prior contact that she had years before. Somebody she met and kept in contact with. A male acquaintance she was talking with through texting."

Jackson did not say whether or not the relationship with the Michigan man was romantic.

Days before Papini went missing on Nov. 2, 2016, the acquaintance had visited California. However, he did not visit Redding, California where Papini went missing.


Even though the crime happened almost a year ago, there have been a number of details to be revealed by the authorities this week. Most recently, the police released the 911 call that Keith made to report his wife missing. Learn more here.