5 Ways To Spice Up Foreplay

Foreplay can be an overlooked activity for many couples before getting intimate. However, a few tips and tricks can take any couples' foreplay to the next level and make for a heightened sexual experience.

"Guys often don't get as much foreplay because women think an erection is proof a man is ready for sex," Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., author of Because It Feels Good says. "But men crave the intimacy and emotional connection that foreplay provides."

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Check out five surefire ways to spice up your foreplay game below:

1. Discover New Areas On Your Partner

The most sensitive part of your neck is the area between your chin and throat. The nerves sit closer to the skin and are more sensitive to the touch. Have your significant other lightly lick this zone.

New York sex therapist Jane Greer says: "Next, cup his testicles in your hand, stroking, rolling, and tickling them. Then massage the base of his penis. Since part of his joystick is hidden behind the scrotum, touching the base can give him novel thrills."

2. Give A Massage

For women, have your partner lie face down. Then straddle their back and align yourself over the bony part at the base of his spine. Move your hips along their back and use your hands to massage both sides of their spine.

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"The friction from his tailbone will arouse you, and you'll awaken the sacral nerves that connect to his genitals," says Sandor Gardos, Ph.D., founder of MyPleasure.com.

3. Caress Each Other

One way to spice things up is for the female to lie down with her partner spooning her. The woman can have her partner reach around and stimulate her breasts by rubbing on the flesh above the areolae.

Women's Health writes: "Meanwhile, graze your fingers along his inner thigh, stopping just before his scrotum, then quickly move back down. This thin-skinned area is especially sensitive, and coming close to his goods without making contact will keep him in a suspended state of excitement. Next, whisper something naughty. Greer says dirty talk raises testosterone levels, boosting arousal."

4. Switch It Up On Oral

When giving oral, many people only focus on the penis. However, Women's Health instructs readers to give a man's testicles proper "recognition."

"Lick the nerve-rich seam (that dark line down the middle of the scrotum), then gently push up against the base of his testicles with your hand."

"You'll arouse his prostate, a sensitive gland in his pelvic region," Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First says.

5. Have Some Fun In The Shower


While in the shower, get your partner more aroused by giving each other hand jobs. For the women, "Hop into the shower with him, soap up your hands, and wrap one around his shaft, squeezing as you move up and down, then switch to shorter, faster strokes on the head of his penis. If he can't guess your next move, his arousal will intensify. And when you do finally hit the sheets, there will be an erotic payoff."

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