Sarah Palin Speaks out on Kamala Harris Being Named as Democratic VP Candidate

Sarah Palin, who most famously ran as vice president alongside Arizona Sen. John McCain in 2008 after previously serving as the governor of Alaska, has offered some advice for Sen. Kamala Harris, who was chosen as the running mate for Joe Biden for the November election. She listed six rules for Harris to follow, most notable among them being “don’t get muzzled.”

After congratulating Harris on the honor, she went into lessons she learned and what Harris needs to be aware of. Her first point was not to trust anyone new “out of the chute.” From there, she stressed to “fight mightily to keep your own team with you.” By that, she means for Harris to keep the people she trusts closest to her and to not let others get in the way of her previous relationships. Her third topic was the aforementioned “don’t get muzzled” point. Palin, who was a hot commodity in skits on Saturday Night Live while running as VP, said it’s important to connect with everyone in “your own unique way.” Moving down the list, she also listed some terms to be aware of, including “OTR,” which she referred to as an orchestrated campaign stop, and “Ropeline,” otherwise known as the way to embrace voters or all those met by giving them handshakes, conversations, and so forth — a maneuver that may not be relevant amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Perhaps her most pressing point, though, was reminding Harris to not “forget the women who came before your.” This was the fifth point she mentioned before concluding with her message to simply “have fun.” Palin knows Biden very well as the two were both running against each other as vice presidents that year with Biden being selected by eventual winner, Barack Obama.

Palin wasn’t the only one who reacted to Harris’ selection on Tuesday. Maya Rudolph, who previously played Harris while appearing on Saturday Night Live skits, e to the show to portray her in future episodes. Another celebrity who voiced her excitement was Taylor Swift, who is fresh off a surprise album release, and exclaimed, “YES,” after Harris, who apparently has a surprising connection with Donald Trump, tweeted out that she was honored to have been chosen as the vice-presidential candidate.