Rudy Guiliani Mocked for Handkerchief Faux Pas During Press Conference

Among Rudy Giuliani's many controversial moments this week was a strange incident involving a handkerchief that still has viewers scratching their heads. During a televised news conference on Thursday, Giuliani blew his nose into a rag in front of a crowd of reporters and TV cameras. He then seemed to use the same side of the handkerchief to wipe his mouth, forehead, and cheek.

Giuliani stood beside the podium, apparently waiting his turn to speak at the press conference on Thursday. He may not have realized he was on camera, but he knew that others were watching as he dabbed his skin with the same handkerchief he had blown his nose into. This event was the same press conference where Giuliani later went viral for rivulets of black sweat trickling down his face. All in all, viewers were put off by Giuliani's approach to hygiene.

Giuliani's handkerchief moment was caught and pointed out by TikTok user "sloppy donuts," and then migrated to Twitter via Democratic consultant Tim Hogan. It was shared widely in the days that followed, including by Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T, who wrote: "Wow... This MF is naaaassasty."

Giuliani was at the press conference in his capacity as a lawyer for President Donald Trump. He is working on the Trump campaign's various lawsuits challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election. Like the rest of the legal team, Giuliani has come under fire for making broad, unsubstantiated claims about the cases, contributing to the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories.

However, Giuliani's appearance and conduct have largely distracted from his words over the last few weeks, going all the way back to his questionable actions with a young woman that were shown in the Borat sequel last month. Since then, Giuliani was at the forefront of public gaffes, like the Trump campaign's press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.


The most recent viral Giuliani moment was his make-up mishap on Thursday when alarming trickles of black fluid coursed down his face during a press conference. Once they were assured it was not blood, many viewers assumed it was hair dye, though professional stylists told The New York Times that this was likely not the case. Instead, they suggested that Giuliani had used mascara to try to darken the gray hair at his temples, which would melt and liquefy more easily than real dye.

Regardless of his appearance, Giuliani remains controversial for his conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election, and critics are growing more and more concerned. So far, Giuliani and the rest of the legal team have provided no real evidence of widespread election tampering or voter fraud.