Donald Trump Running for President Again in 2024

Former president Donald Trump is officially running for president in 2024. After years of speculation that began as soon as Trump lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, Trump's 2024 campaign was made official on Tuesday night, as election documents obtained by BBC showed. Minutes later, Trump formally announced the news in a speech to supporters from Mar-a-Lago, the former POTUS' club in Palm Beach, Florida, that hosted his daughter Tiffany Trump's wedding on Saturday.

It is unclear who all Trump would face in the Republican primaries, but Florida governor Ron Desantis is widely speculated to vie for the GOP's nomination. President Biden would top the Democrats' ticket, should he choose to run for reelection. For full coverage of former president Donald Trump's campaign announcement, head to CBS News. CBS News is also livestreaming coverage of Trump's speech.