Rudy Giuliani Discharged From Hospital After 3 Nights Amid Coronavirus Diagnosis

President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday was discharged from a Washington, D.C. hospital following his coronavirus diagnosis. Giuliani was admitted to Georgetown University Hospital on Sunday following his positive diagnosis and spent three nights in the hospital before leaving.

The 76-year-old former New York mayor was seen by reporters leaving the hospital in a vehicle just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, according to CNN. He flashed a thumbs up to the cameras as he passed reporters in the vehicle. Despite spending weeks criticizing coronavirus safety precautions, including the wearing of face masks, he was wearing a mask as he left the hospital.

Speaking with TalkRadio 77 WABC, the 76-year-old had indicated earlier in the day that he expected to be discharged sometime Wednesday afternoon. He told the outlet he felt "just about 100% right now." After leaving the hospital, he said that he would "quarantine for a few more days. Because [of] the way they calculate it, I probably got (infected with coronavirus) seven, eight days ago. So I've got about three or four more days to make sure it's out of my system."

Following his release, Giuliani took to Twitter to praise the care he received during his hospital stay, writing, "my treatment by the nurses and staff at Georgetown Med Star Hospital was miraculous." Although his condition had initially been unclear, Giuliani said he was admitted to the hospital with "serious symptoms," though he refrained from detailing those symptoms. He said he "walked out better than ever," thanks to the "all-star team" of doctors and nurses. He also expressed gratitude for his son, who has been providing him with "loving care, my friend and co-host Dr. Maria encouraging me to get the right treatment," and the president, "for his advice, support and friendship. He's not only a great President, he's a good friend."


Giuliani's positive diagnosis was confirmed Sunday afternoon by Trump. It left man scrambling, as the 76-year-old has been traveling the country leading Trump's longshot legal challenges to overturn the presidential election results. Just days prior to his positive test results, Giuliani attended a more than four-hour-long legislative hearing in Lansing, Michigan alongside Jenna Ellis, who has been working with him. Several outlets reported Tuesday that Ellis has since tested positive for the virus.