Rosie O'Donnell's Hostile Holiday Response to Paul Ryan

Rosie O'Donnell had some harsh words for Paul Ryan on Christmas day after the GOP tax bill he just helped pass.

O'Donnell has never been a friend to Republicans, and she's been especially outspoken against them since they put President Trump in office. She and the now-Commander-In-Chief have a feud that goes back many years.

When Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tweeted a pious Christmas message, it was too much for O'Donnell.

Ryan's tweet includes a video of a speech he gave, but the text itself focuses on the Christian significance on the holiday. A user responded with a historical perspective on Jesus, which O'Donnell retweeted along with her response to Ryan.

The TV personality tweeted "u will go straight to hell" to the congressman, who just passed one of the most unpopular tax bills of all time amongst the American people.


All three tweets sparked heated online debate about the religious connotations of Christmas, as well as the tax bill that's been such a hot topic for the past several months.

According to a recent report, 32-percent of Americans identified Christmas as a cultural holiday rather than a religious one. Still, many public figures have capitalized on the highly spiritual nature of the holiday while many pundits, opponents, and social media commenters have taken to intense theological arguments this season.