Rice Recall Details and What to Know

You might want to double-check that box of rice. Per a U.K. recall notice issued in December, Iceland Foods recalled pilau rice because it may contain allergens not listed on the label. Consumers with an allergy or sensitivity to egg, sesame, soya, and wheat could experience mild to serious symptoms if they eat the product.

Iceland Foods' Iceland Takeaway Pilau Rice was recalled on Dec. 2 because it contains egg, sesame, soya, and wheat. None of these are listed on the label, according to the recall announcement published on the U.K. Food Standards Agency's website. The product was accidentally packed with egg fried rice, which includes the allergens. Anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to egg, wheat (gluten), sesame, and soya should not eat this product to avoid an allergic reaction.

The product is packaged in 350g packs. The best-before date printed on the box is 10 January 2024. Iceland Foods has already contacted allergy support organizations about the recall and released a notice to customers. Consumers who have already purchased the product should not eat it. They can instead return it to the point-of-purchase for a full refund. Iceland Customer care is also available by phone at 0800 328 0800 option 2.

The Food Standards Agency shared another recall in early December. Nestle U.K. recalled AERO Hot Chocolate products because some packages included small pieces of food-grade silica beads. This makes them unsafe to eat. The recall covered AERO Hot Choc jars (288g); AERO 'Hot Choc' sachets (24g); and AERO GO Instant 'Hot Choc' (28g). Nestle recalled all batch codes and all date codes.

Consumers who bought the above AERO products should not eat them. Instead, the contents should be thrown away. The lid of the jar, empty sachet, or sleeve of the cups can be sent to AERO Hot Chocolate Recall, PO BOX 205, Freepost 1374, York, YO91 1XB for a full refund. Consumers can also call Nestle at 00800 63785385.

There was also a major recall of Mozart Liqueurs by Marussia Beverages UK on Nov. 30. The drinks contained milk, which was not mentioned on the label. That made them dangerous to those with a milk allergy or sensitivity. The recall covered 500 ml packages of Mozart Chocolate Coffee Cream Liqueur, Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur, Mozart Chocolate Cream Glass Pack, Mozart Chocolate Pumpkin Spiced Cream Liqueur, Mozart Chocolate Strawberry Cream Liqueur, and Mozart Chocolate White Cream Liqueur; Mozart Chocolate Triple Cream Liqueur three packs; Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur Mini; and Mozart Chocolate White Cream Liqueur Mini. As with other recalled products, consumers should not drink them if they have an allergy to milk.