Rare Snow Twister Forms in Toronto After Winter Storm Rolls In

After a recent winter storm in Toronto, residents in the area experienced a truly wild sight to behold. Although, it wasn't the sight that many were expecting (or hoped to see). Yahoo reported that a snow twister spun in Toronto on Monday as a result of a big winter storm. 

A resident was able to capture footage of a snow twister touching down in Toronto. The individual, APixaMonkey, posted the clip to YouTube. In the video, snow can be seen forming a funnel in the middle of the street amid the wintery scene. The snow twister was sparked in the North York area of the Canadian city, a sign that Toronto was seriously ravaged by snow.

Yahoo reported that Toronto around 17 inches of snow accumulated in Toronto on Monday. The Ontario city received so much snowfall that it even prompted a blizzard warning, The warning was particularly focused on much of the city's urban area. After the storm, Toronto declared a "major snowstorm condition" in the city in order to aid snow removal efforts. Under this declaration, parking will be prohibited for 72 hours along certain snow routes. Yahoo noted that all of these routes are clearly signed and are primarily located in the downtown area. If you do park in one of these designated routes during this time, you could be faced with a $200 fine. 

Toronto Mayor John Tory said that it was imperative to make this declaration so that the public will be safe following the storm. The mayor also called the recent snowfall "extraordinary" and said that it posed even more problems for them than usual during the winter season. Tory said on Monday afternoon, "I will just say that we are doing our best in a challenging situation that is more challenging than normal."


Toronto residents were forced to deal with more snow than usual following this storm. The storm was so extreme that the Toronto Pearson International Airport broke a daily record for the most snowfall in the area with 32 centimeters. The previous record was marked in 1994 when there were 7.6 centimeters of snow at the airport. It's also been some time since the city recorded so much snowfall. Toronto previously recorded more than 30 centimeters of snow in 2008 and reached more than 25 centimeters of snow in 2019.