Queen Elizabeth Mourns Husband Prince Philip at His Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II mourned her late husband, Prince Philip on Saturday, along with royal admirers around the world. The queen led the royal procession to St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle for a memorial service televised internationally. With all eyes on her, she struck a balance between a calm leader and a sorrowful widow.

Queen Elizabeth wore a black coat, black hat and black face mask as she entered the chapel, which has a strict 30-person visitation limit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She arrived with just one lady in waiting, separately from the rest of the royal procession. Once inside, she sat alone and kept her head bowed, listening through the somber service. The queen spent 73 years married to Prince Philip until he passed on Friday, April 9. He was 99 years old, and the queen is currently 94 years old.

Prince Philip's funeral service was conducted by the Dean of Windsor, the Right Reverend David Conner, and the archbishop of Canterbury Welby. It lasted about 50 minutes and included readings of Ecclesiasticus 43 and John 11 from the Bible. A four-person choir also sang for the mourners, accompanied by an organ. Their songs were selected by Prince Philip before his death and included "Jubilate in C" by Benjamin Britten, which he commissioned for the St. George's Chapel Choir.

Prince Philip was "intimately" involved in the planning of his funeral, according to a report by CNN. From the procession to the service to the burial, he planned out the particulars. Prince Philip will be laid to rest in the Royal Vault of Windsor Castle this weekend, where other royals — including several kings — are currently buried.

However, Prince Philip will eventually be moved when the queen herself passes away. Queen Elizabeth plans to be laid to rest in the King George VI memorial chapel, and Philip's remains will be moved to her side. Prince Philip is the longest-serving royal consort in history.


Other attendees at the exclusive funeral were high-ranking members of the royal family, including Charles, Prince of Wales and his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Charles' wife Camilla and William's wife Kate Middleton were in attendance as well, although Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle remained in the U.S. due to her pregnancy. She reportedly watched the funeral on TV from home.

Insiders say that the queen is devastated by the loss of her husband. She will continue mourning back home at Buckingham Palace.