Prisoners Near El Paso Hosting Baked Potato Sale to Help Shooting Victims and Families

In times of tragedy, it's often then when you see people of every background, gender, race and religion come together.

The latest act of unity comes from a place many wouldn't expect to see stepping up. The Otero County Prison Facility will be hosting a fundraiser with all proceeds going towards the El Paso shooting victims and their families.

The institution sits about 30 minutes north of the border town.

The event will be centered around baked potatoes. There will be 15 inmates in the kitchen, according to Nissi Jimenez who is an official at the prison. Each potato will go for $6 with toppings tacking on an additional cost. The prison purchased 150 potatoes for the fundraiser.

Jimenez said it will take place in the front lobby. The facility will also be accepting checks. Additional money will also be raised through the prison's extracurricular clubs. The TMZ article notes that up to $1,000 has already been pledged through four of the clubs.

All of the proceeds will go straight to the El Paso Community Foundation.

This is yet another heartwarming act of kindness displayed within the community in the aftermath of the tragedy. Earlier it was announced that a non-profit organization is going to pay for all of the funerals.

"As I say, this is how El Paso rolls — as one,” said Angel Gomez, a representative of the non-profit, Operation H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Endure). “We are one community."

The Dallas Cowboys also announced that they will be donating $50,000 to the victims of the shooting. The team’s owner, Jerry Jones, issued a statement shortly after the tragic event.

"It's just so sad for those families and all those innocent people and obviously we all want to think how can we make (this) different--those issues. I'm sure all Americans are thinking that way."


There was also a blood drive that occurred earlier in the week. The event saw over 110 people attend to donate blood. The event was put together by We Are Blood, a group based in Austin, Texas, and also partnered with Walmart and AT&T.

The town of El Paso was struck by a mass shooting that resulted in 22 deaths and two dozen more who were injured. Federal authorities have called it an act of domestic terrorism.