President Trump Marks July 4th With Salute to Military

As Americans all over the country celebrate July 4th, President Donald Trump is marking the holiday with a salute to the U.S. military.

In a video posted to Twitter, President Trump first spoke about the origin of Independence Day and America's Founding Fathers.

"It was 242 years ago today in Philadelphia that 56 brave representatives of the American people adopted our Declaration of Independence," Trump said, as reported by The Hill. "They announced to the world that America would be free and America would be independent."

"They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor," he added. "In so doing, they forever changed the course of human history."

Next, President Trump turned his message toward the nation's armed forces.

"Let us never forget that our freedom has been earned through the blood and sweat and sacrifice of American heroes," he stated.

"And let us share the grateful heart of our nation with every veteran and member of the United States Armed Forces," Trump went on to say. "Truly special people."

Many of President Trump's followers have commented on his post, with one person thanking him "for all the sacrifices you have made in order to make America great again!"

"Thank you [Donald Trump] President for all you are doing for our great nation," another follower tweeted. "Happy 4th of July to the President, our Armed Forces, Veterans and the patriots of our country. God bless USA."

"What a wonderful way to start our celebration," someone else wrote. "America thanks President Trump and his administration for their hard work to help improve the lives of every single American."

In separate tweet posted prior to his video message, the President wished his followers a "Happy Fourth of July," and assured them that "Our Country is doing GREAT!"

On July 3, President Trump shared yet another message honoring the United States military, while also sharing photos from an event designed to celebrate them.


"Tomorrow, families across our Nation will gather to celebrate the Fourth of July," the President wrote in his message. "As we do, we will think of the men & women serving overseas at this very moment, far away from their families, protecting America - & we will thank GOD for blessing us with these incredible HEROES!"

Additionally, USA Today reports that President Trump will be spending the day celebrating the anniversary of America's Independence at the at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, where he will host a patriotic-themed picnic later in the day.