President Trump Slammed on Social Media for Walking Ahead of Queen Elizabeth

President Donald Trump met with Queen Elizabeth II for the first time in his presidential term on Friday, meeting Her Royal Highness at Windsor Castle for tea alongside First Lady Melania Trump.

While the interaction between the two appeared cordial, the President committed an etiquette faux pas that fans of the Royal Family were quick to point out on social media.

While the Queen inspected her Guard of Honor on the Castle grounds, Trump began walking in front of her as the pair turned a corner. He briefly blocked her out of sight from the cameras before she maneuvered her way back.

Former Royal butler Grant Harrold spoke with ITV News prior to Trump's interaction with Queen Elizabeth, saying that it's proper etiquette for world leaders to walk alongside or behind the Queen during visits to the United Kingdom.

"The most important rule that Mr Trump can stick to, is to let the Queen lead - this applies to everything, from the topic of a conversation to where they're walking, to when a meal has ended. The Queen is always in charge," Harrold explained. "Donald Trump might have been elected President of the US, but the Queen is the Queen and should be treated with deference."

Trump's interaction received a fair amount of backlash once the clip of the two made its way online.

This is disgraceful, [Donald Trump]," actress Alyssa Milano wrote. "SHE'S THE QUEEN and she's 92 years old! You're incapable of acting like a human being. You're incapable of being a leader."

"Trump kept Queen Elizabeth waiting for 12 minutes, then upstaged her as they walked rather than following behind her. It's painful to watch," a Twitter user wrote.


"I'm no royalty expert, but I'm confident cutting the Queen off is frowned upon," one Twitter user pointed out.

"It's not even about Queen Elizabeth. If you're walking beside a 90+ year old ANYONE, you walk at their pace. That's just common courtesy," a Twitter user commented.


Trump's arrival at the castle was also met by a large protest of United Kingdom citizens, with the attendance reportedly reaching 250,000.

Photo: Richard Pohle/WPA Pool/Getty Images