President Donald Trump Draws Religious Backlash for Saying He's 'the Chosen One'

President Donald Trump is drawing some major religious backlash for saying he's "the Chosen One," in a recent news conference. In the clip, Trump is speaking about the current trade issues with China, and proclaims that he is taking them "on." The "chosen one" reference appears to be Trump's way of saying that he is the man with the fortitude to push back on a perceived lack of fairness in trade agreements with China. However, it is not going over well on social media.

"We'll be told that it was a joke. It isn't a joke. It's utterly f—ing terrifying that people around him are encouraging him in this delusion. This is a crisis," on person tweeted.

"He's openly mocking the beliefs of his evangelical followers and they're just lapping it up," someone else said.

"Donald Trump just said, 'I am the chosen one.' Make no mistake. His push to forward the narrative that he's a messiah isn't an accident," someone else wrote. "It's a strategy for 2020 and an escalation in vilifying his opponents. This is beyond dangerous in a way that's hard to overstate."

"He is unstable, unfit and very dangerous," another user said. "He also has the corrupt AF Barr & #GOP giving him cover. Add in his disturbed base, and we are headed for civil war unless this mad traitor is stopped. Putin is delighted."

"This was the same narrative Charles Manson pushed with his followers," one other person added. "He even told them that his name man-son=son of man, therefore he was the second coming. We all agreed he was crazy. Now that our president is saying similar things, we should be very worried."

"Can SOMEONE please tell me why, WHY the press keeps giving Trump LIVE airtime, where reporters almost have to scream over the damn helicopter noise and there's no follow ups, no real give our take, just Trump screeching about whatever he wants to? He is disrespecting you and me," a fifth user said.


At this time, the White House doesn't appear to have commented on Trump's statement.

Photo Credit: Getty Images