President Donald Trump Congratulates Princess Eugenie on Her Marriage to Jack Brooksbank

President Donald Trump has offered his congratulations to Princess Eugenie, first cousin of Prince [...]

President Donald Trump has offered his congratulations to Princess Eugenie, first cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William, for her wedding this weekend.

The president took to Twitter to send his well-wishes to Princess Eugenie of York and her new husband, Jack Brooksbank. The two got married in Windsor on Friday, in the same chapel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were wed back in the spring.

"Princess Eugenie of York was a truly beautiful bride yesterday," President Trump wrote on Sunday morning. "She has been through so much, and has come out a total winner!"

It is unclear what adversity the president was referring to. Princess Eugenie's parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Margaret Ferguson, got divorced when she was a child — a rarity in the world of royalty though not unheard of. Beyond that, she has not been in the headlines for anything particularly tragic.

Still, the president's kind words were seen as a welcome departure from his often hostile correspondence with foreign dignitaries.

"What has she 'been through,'" one responder asked. "Please enlighten us Brits because we have no idea what you're talking about!"

"I would just be fascinated to know what you believe she has been through," added another. "It wouldn't be that pre-existing condition of scoliosis would it?"

"You weren't invited to the wedding, and the royals can't stand you," replied another person bluntly. "They are close with the Obamas. Good people."

The president's last visit to England was in May. At the time, he was highly critical of Prime Minister Theresa May, and of the "Brexit" plan to leave the European Union.

Many others asked the president why he was not focusing his attention instead on the Florida panhandle, where thousands are still suffering in the wake of the catastrophic Category 4 Hurricane Michael. Of course, the president could not respond to every Twitter petition, though he did announce a short while later that he will be on Sunday night's episode of CBS' 60 Minutes.

"I will be interviewed on '60 Minutes' tonight at 7:00 P.M., after [the] NFL game. Enjoy!" he wrote.

"How are the people affected by the hurricane supposed to watch?" one person asked ironically. "Oh wait. You don't care about them I forgot."

The interview could cover any number of recent topics, as the news cycle is brimming with hot button issues these days. The president's lack of personal response to a hurricane as destructive as Michael has a lot of people upset. The story dovetailed nicely with a recent climate change study, which spelled dire news for the planet in the coming years. At the same time, many are still questioning the New York Times report on his personal finances, among many other things.

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