President Donald Trump Calls Impeachment Proceedings 'Presidential Harassment'

The news that rocked the country on Tuesday has sent waves across social media. The announcement by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that impeachment proceedings involving President Donald Trump are being pursued have created a social media storm. Shortly after Pelosi made the declaration in a press conference, Trump hopped onto his Twitter where he let his thumbs do the speaking. He let it be known that he believes this is "presidential harassment."

To this point, there has been no "official" comment from the White House.

"Such an important day at the United Nations, so much work and so much success, and the Democrats purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage. So bad for our Country!" He began his series of tweets.

From there, Trump would go on to fire off five more tweets as of 7 p.m. ET.

Since the news has broke, many have voiced their opinions on the matter. Hilary Clinton was among those.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Clinton discussed what she referred to as "a crisis" in our country.

"I'm in favor of impeachment," Clinton told the media outlet. "I did not come to that decision easily or quickly, but this is an emergency as I see it. … This latest behavior around Ukraine, trying to enlist the president of Ukraine in a plot to undermine former Vice President Biden or lose the military aide he needs to defend against Trump's friend, Vladimir Putin — if that's not an impeachable offense, I don't know what is."


Elsewhere, Chrissy Teigen shared a tweet when the announcement was made. Having already engaged in a back-and-forth on social media with the president earlier in the month, Teigen simply wants to sit this one out.

The tweet read, "I don't get it, just call me when it's over."