Playboy Taking Steps to Protect Bunny Logo After Hugh Hefner's Death

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner passed away in late September, and the brand he helped build is taking steps to maintain the mogul's legacy after his death.

TMZ reports that Playboy has filed to renew the rights to a retro version of its iconic bunny logo on a large number of items that would normally feature its current logo. The retro logo, seen here, features the bunny facing the viewer and wearing a tuxedo, as opposed to the logo many know today in which the animal is seen in profile with a bow tie.

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According to documents, the company is seeking to put the retro bunny logo on items like magazines, calendars, boxes, stationery materials and other merchandise.

A rep for the company shared that the retro logo has been used before, appearing on the cover of the magazine's February 1960 issue and other various times throughout the years.

The magazine is using its November/December issue to honor its late founder, putting a photo of a 39-year-old Hefner on the publication's cover. The New York Post shares that the issue marks the 11th time that a man has appeared on the cover and the first time a male subject has covered the magazine alone.


Hefner will also be remembered in a separate 100-page issue in November.

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