Pizza Hut Worker Raises Eyebrows With Viral 'Cleaning' TikTok

An alleged Pizza Hut employee couldn't help but spill a few suds about what is happening in the kitchen. As shared by The Daily Dot, TikTok user [joshuadownthestreet] posted a video of themselves wiping down pans used to make the pizzas, revealing a literal dirty secret.

"Pizza Hut doesn't wash their Thin Pizza pans. They are wiped down with a used rag instead. If wet, they don't dry," text on the TikTok read. The clip went live on Oct. 17 and gained nearly 1 million views since then.


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While this would be a troublesome development if it were a company-wide issue, that might raise some red flags. But instead, it launched a debate with other Pizza Hut employees and alumni who claim that this is far from normal.

"I work at a Pizza Hut for 16 years and we always wash ours," one person chimed in. "Not my pizza hut, my pizza hut be cleaning even the ceiling tiles," another wrote. "I run a pizza hut for 7 years and I always washed mine in the dishwasher," a third added.

But this debate opened the door for another reality, one where nobody washes the pans. "No pizza place [washes their pans] and it don't matter," one claimed. "I can almost guarantee you it's like this everywhere. I used to work at a bakery saw this too," another added. A third pointed out that there is a reason to avoid washing the pans.

"I've worked at 3 separate pizza places and this is just how it works," they wrote. "It seasons the pans so they're always nonstick and if u wash it can ruin it." Another agreed, adding that it "adds flavor" and the cooking process would kill any germs, which seems wrong on some level.

The worker who posted the original video followed up on this debate and situation at Pizza Hut, sharing a disappointing update. "Just because a restaurant has a 100% does not mean it's clean. My GM doesn't prioritize cleaning, and everyone's quitting. I'm going to quit too," they wrote in the video, followed by a caption. "Minimum wage is NOT worth this. every other job I have held has been in a CLEAN work space. this environment is disgusting and I won't be the only one to make it spotless unless I get paid more than my $8 [per hour]."