Piers Morgan Lashes out at CNN Over Canceled Interview Following Criticism Over Joe Biden Coverage

Piers Morgan was set to promote his new book Wake Up on CNN but had his scheduled interview canceled following comments he made about American journalists. Appearing on Fox & Friends on Friday, Morgan referred to journalists in the country as “hyper-partisan” due to their lack of coverage regarding a discovered laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden that is said to contain incriminating emails and photos. This has also become a sticking point for Donald Trump, who attempted to bring this up during the second debate.

Morgan told the Daily Mail that CNN pulled his interview, which was set to be on Sunday, due to his remarks. He told the outlet that he would get asked to appear on CNN all the time when he would writing negative columns about Trump but now with his positive stories about the president, he says the frequency is “not so much.” After his initial comments made headlines, Morgan did get a sense he could be cut from the Sunday show, “Maybe they were worried I wouldn’t bash Trump as they wanted.” He added that this is what his new book focuses on, he says it’s about “liberals who want to cancel anybody who doesn’t suit their agenda.”

His Biden comments also saw him call out journalists for not doing any investigation into the laptop scandal, believing that journalists have a “civil duty if they’re impartial” to dig into leads with the same level of enthusiasm whether the name Biden or Trump are attached to it. He feels journalists are making a “political characterization” in how they handle certain stories, bringing up the way they covered the Trump-Russia collusion story that he said didn’t have much of the “so-called hard evidence” that has been cited regarding the laptop allegations.

One week ago, Trump brought up the Biden scandal on Twitter, calling it a “disaster” for the entire family. He said the allegations “cannot be denied” and says that all of this means it is “impossible” for Biden to take the office. Leading up with a little more than one week to go before the Nov. 3 election, Trump and Biden will continue to do what they can to get a leg up on the competition and secure votes for what is shaping up to be an intriguing election night.