This Is Why People Are Smashing Their Keurigs

Fans of Sean Hannity are soon going to be very coffee deprived.

After Keurig announced that they would be pulling their ads from Sean Hannity's show due to comments he made regarding Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and the allegations made against him, fans of Hannity have taken up arms in protest by, well, destroying their beloved Keurigs.

Using the hashtags #BoycottKeurig and #IStandWithHannity, irate fans are posting videos of themselves getting creative with the destruction of perfectly fine and well-working Keurigs.

"Dear Keurig, I have had some version of your product in my home for over 10 years, but guess what...THAT ENDS TODAY! Just as it is your freedom to choose where you advertise, it is also my freedom to be free from you. You side with MSM REPROBATE I can fix that!" one fan tweeted with a video showing their Keurig being shot with an arrow.

One person pulled inspiration from The Walking Dead, channeling his inner Negan as he takes a bat to his Keurig.

Another person opted to drop their Keurig from a building, smashing it to pieces.

Keurig is just one of at least five sponsors that have pulled their ads from Hannity's show, with, 23 and Me, Eloquii, and Nature's Bounty also following suit. Their actions come in response to Hannity urging his viewers not to rush to judgment regarding Moore and him seemingly questioning the authenticity of the allegations made against Moore.


Backlash against Moore started following a story published by The New York Times, which details the accounts of four women who allege that Moore pursued relationships with them while they were teenagers and he was in his thirties.