Notre Dame Cathedral: Cause of Fire Under Investigation for Electrical Short-Circuit

Now that the fires have cooled and the damage can be assessed, officials in Paris are trying to determine the source that started the blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral. The suspected culprit at this point is an electrical short-circuit that likely started the fire before it quickly spread through the historic structure.

The investigation has been underway since Tuesday and CNN reports that prosecutors in Paris are "not excluding any hypothesis at this stage," adding that they are also looking into other possible causes.

According to CNN, at least 40 employees working at Notre Dame have been questioned about the blaze so far. They also insist that they are treating the fire as an accident at this point, but have not ruled out other possible scenarios during their investigation.

"While the prosecutor's office does not rule out any hypothesis, we remind that at this stage, nothing in the investigations highlights a criminal origin," the prosecutor's office told reporters according to CNN. "Accidental causes remain our privileged lead."

Reports from Monday indicated that construction on the cathedral was being looked at as the source of the fire. Extra attention is being devoted to the construction firms working on the building's iconic spire. The 150-foot feature succumbed to the fire on Monday.

Europe Echafaudage, a scaffolding firm, and Socra, an art conservation company, were both working on the building and two of four companies contracted at the cathedral. Neither had workers at the site at the time of the fire.

At least 400 members of the Paris fire service helped to battle the blaze, with CNN noting that they called it "the most complex it had ever undertaken." While they managed to save the building in the end, there were serious concerns that the entire structure could crumble due to damage.

Several other volunteers and workers worked to save numerous relics and art pieces from the building as the fires raged. This includes The Crown of Thorns, pieces of the cross from Jesus' crucifixion, and the Tunic of Saint Louis.

CNN adds that French President Emmanuel Macron is looking to have Notre Dame rebuilt in five years. That deadline shouldn't be hard to reach considering the number of donations received to fix the historic structure at the time. Donations from France's wealthy families has reached $904 million. Disney has also pledged $5 million towards the reconstruction, while President Donald Trump noted the U.S. will aid in the reconstruction efforts too.