Watch Police Take Down Florida School Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz

A newly released video shows the moment police arrested Nikolas Cruz, the suspected shooter in the attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The dramatic footage shows the moment Cruz was taken down by officers, not far from the high school where he had allegedly just unleashed a vicious attack on his former classmates and teachers. Cruz lies on the ground as one officer runs over to him and places him in handcuffs, while another covers him from a distance.

Cruz was arrested in the same burgundy shirt and black pants he was allegedly wearing when he opened fire inside the school. The shirt bore the high school's eagle mascot, and was apparently issued in Marjory Stoneman Douglas's JROTC program.

Cruz was taken to a nearby hospital for a short time, before being escorted into the local police station. He led into the sheriff's office wearing handcuffs and a hospital gown. There's still no word yet on what charges will be levelled against Cruz.

Another video shot from a different angle appears to have been taken a short while later. It shows Cruz remaining on the ground, while a crowd of law enforcement officials stand around, preparing to transport him.

There were reportedly dozens of officers and agents on the scene this afternoon, from the local department, the FBI and various associated task forces. The tracked down Cruz at a home close to the school, within two hours after the shooting began. It's unclear how he escaped the campus, but some are speculating that he blended in with students in the midst of all the chaos.

As of now, 17 people are dead following the tragic shooting, and 15 more are injured. Cruz was expelled from the school last spring after making various threats against others. One teacher told reporters Cruz was not to be allowed on campus with a backpack under any circumstances.


The school remains an active crime scene, as law enforcement clears the building and investigators gather all the evidence they can.

Cruz is a rare case, as the suspects in these tragedies are not usually captured alive.