Nike Releases Plus-Size Clothing Line for Women and the Internet Is Happy

With the body positivity moment continuing to thrive, brands are catching up on the fact that women are more than just a number. And one brand in particularly is leading the way in helping women around the world crush their workouts in both style and comfort.

Nike announced Thursday their latest collection of fitness apparel will cater to women of all sizes thanks to their newly launched plus-size clothing line, featuring sizes 1X through 3X on more than 200 products.

From saucy and stylish athletic shirts, pants, shorts and jackets, the mega athletic brand expanded their line after customers over the years requested the company fit a more average demographic. After Nike posted to their Instagram in July 2016 of a plus-size model wearing exercise gear, customers though the new sizing was imminent, but sadly, that never came — until now.

This addition to their athletic catalog will also include new sports bras that will finally go up to size 38E.

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The new line promises to fit every body size. In an interview last month with Huffington Post UK, Nike's vice president of women's training told the publication that when the company is designing for plus-size, it's not just proportionately making the products larger.

"That doesn't work because, as we know, everyone's weight distribution is different," she said. "We fit every garment on everyday athletes, since elite athletes may have different muscle mass."

Boucher went on to say, that "Strong is the keyword for us; size doesn't matter."

Nike's newest collection already has fans eager to shop in sizes that actually work with their bodies, with many taking to social media about the fresh addition.

While Nike is one of the first athletic wear companies to catch up, there are still a slew of companies that need to catch up when it comes to fitness lovers of all shapes and sizes.



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