New Year's Eve Celebrations Across the Globe Currently Streaming Online

Throughout the course of the day, time zones are passing into the new year one by one, and their celebrations are streaming online.

ABC has dedicated their periscope account to covering live streams of New Year's Eve celebrations all day. The feeds show musical performances, happy revellers and lots and lots of fireworks.

Other news networks have picked up the global celebration webcasts as well, turning New Year's Eve into a 26 hour affair as all 39 time zones make their way into 2018.

The clock first struck midnight in Samoa, Christmas Island and New Zealand. There, it's already afternoon on New Year's Day at the time of this writing.

Soon after, Australia joined them, with a rainbow-colored fireworks display over Sydney Harbor celebrating the recent passage of gay marriage legalization there.

Those celebrating in Beijing braved temperatures almost as low as those in New York today, crowding around the Yongdingmen Gate as is tradition.


In the U.S., New Year's Eve celebrations are in danger thanks to frigid cold and high security. Parades were cancelled in Boston as meteorologists predicted single digit temperatures, and Times Square in Manhattan is expecting a low turn out.

For security operatives, that's not necessarily a bad thing. The nation is still reeling from a year of horrific mass shootings — including one today in Colorado. Police also apprehended a man in Houston, Texas last night with a hotel room full of assault weapons and ammunition, though they have yet to officially state his intentions.