3 Dead, Including Students, in New Mexico School Shooting

Authorities say three people are dead following a shooting at a New Mexico high school on Thursday morning.

The shooting took place at Aztec High School in Aztec, about 180 miles northwest of Albuquerque.

New Mexico State Police confirmed that two students and the gunman died after an active shooting took place on school grounds. The shooter's identity has not been revealed and it is unknown whether he or she was a student or visitor.

The police department also confirmed that the victims' families had been notified.

Deputies with the sheriff's office and surrounding police departments responded to the school after reports of a shooting. Federal agents and state police are conducting a preliminary investigation.

Authorities said the school was placed on lockdown and was later evacuated by bus to take students to a safe location where they could be reunited with their parents. Other schools in the area were also locked down.

Flora Vista resident Sarah Murray told Huffington Post her niece is a 10th grader at the school and was unharmed in the shooting.

"I was just sick to my stomach until I heard from my sister she was ok," she said. "Now I'm just worried about other kids whose parents I am friends with."


"We all know each other in San Juan County," she added.

It wasn't immediately clear if the shooting happened inside the school or who was suspected of firing the shots.