Nestle Renaming Red Skins and Chicos Candies Over Racist Ties

Nestle has announced that it will rename the Red Skins and Chicos candies, over racist ties within the branding. According to KMOV4, the sweets are underneath the Allen's brand, which an Australian-sold candy brand that Nestle owns. The outlet notes that there have reportedly been complaints about the names for years.

"Redskin" has long been slur used against Native Americans in North America, and "chico" has been widely used in the past to stereotype Latin Americans. KMOV4 reported that Allen's shared the news on Facebook, and explained that many customers had expressed "the need for change." Nestle reportedly issued a statement to CNN affiliate 7News, saying, "These names have overtones which are out of step with Nestlé's values, which are rooted in respect." There is no word on when the new names for the candies may be announced.

Notably, there has been controversy around NFL franchise the Washington Redskins for many years, but the owners have refused to change the name. In 2013, Washington team owner Dan Snyder issued a defense of the team's moniker, writing, "Our fans sing 'Hail to the Redskins' in celebration at every Redskins game. They speak proudly of 'Redskins Nation' in honor of a sports team they love," he wrote, per CNN.

Snyder continued, "After 81 years, the team name 'Redskins' continues to hold the memories and meaning of where we came from, who we are, and who we want to be in the years to come." he went on to write, "I respect the feelings of those who are offended by the team name. But I hope such individuals also try to respect what the name means, not only for all of us in the extended Washington Redskins family, but among Native Americans too."

New light has been shed on racist brandings, in the wake of a wave of Black Lives Matters protests that have been sweeping the nation. Brands like Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben's rice have been announced as planning to rework their products. Consequently, this has lead to a new review of the Washington Redskins. Recently, the Washington Post's editorial board issued a call for Snyder to change the name. "This should be an easy call. Mr. Snyder — or, if Mr. Snyder refuses to back down from his declaration of 'NEVER,' the NFL — should take advantage of this singular moment in history to get on the right side of history," the Post stated. "Change the name. NOW."