Musician Damon Irvin Among Serial Killer's 6 Victims, Police Say

A tragic ordeal has been going across Missouri and Kansas. According to KMBC News in Kansas City, Kansas, musician Damon Irvin has been identified as one of the victims of an alleged serial killer. Irvin is believed to be one of the victims of Perez Reed, who was arrested on Friday under the suspicion that he is responsible for killing six people and wounding two others, per CNN

In light of his murder, Irvin's family members are paying tribute to him. His family told KMBC that Irvin was a talented musician and a college graduate. They remember him fondly as someone who would always be available to lend a helping hand. His brother, Dalano Hill, said, "He brung joy to a lot of people. You don't understand, this is a man who got a scholarship to sing opera in Germany." Irvin was reportedly murdered at his residence at Wyandotte Towers, where he had only been living for a couple of months. 

"We are hurt right now. We're hurting," Hill added. "Let this be over fast, man. Don't drag us through no more, bro. You already done took something away from us that was so precious." Irvin's family is hoping that Reed is indeed the perpetrator of the crime, as they simply want closure. Hill continued, "I pray this is the guy. That we get some type of justice before we go back home."

CNN reported that Reed was arrested on Friday. Days later, the FBI announced that they had arrested a "suspected serial killer" in reference to Reed. He was reportedly arrested in Independence, Missouri after he got off a train. At the time of his arrest, police found a ticket that Reed purchased to travel from St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri and a .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol. A news release stated, "This caliber matches firearm shell casings found at unsolved shootings in the City and County of St. Louis during September 2021. At least six victims were shot, four fatally, with the same .40 caliber firearm."

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's office stated that Reed has been charged with two counts of murder, one count of first-degree assault, and three counts of armed criminal action. The victims were attacked between the middle of September and late October. CNN noted that Reed agreed to answer agents' questions when he was arrested and that he denied hurting anyone.