Music Teacher Faces up to 50 Sexual Abuse Charges Involving Underage Girls

A former music teacher from Calgary, Alberta is facing up to 50 sexual abuse charges involving girls between the age of 12 and 17.

(Photo: Twitter / @CTVSchmidtC)

CTV News reports Christian Allen Sarile is back in court after an initial arrest in May following the accounts from three alleged victims. Sarile was out on bail for some time, until he allegedly met with a fourth underage girl this past December.

On Tuesday, additional charges were laid against the 27-year-old teacher whose total of alleged female victims now rises to 22.

He currently faces 49 charges that CTV reports include "sexual assault, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and communicating for the purpose of obtaining sexual services."

Authorities claim he used social media sites to pose a teenage make, asking the young girls to meet up. Investigators say he would then ask the girls to chat through the social media platforms and offer cash or items in exchange for sexual favors.


Sarile appeared in court on Friday, with further investigation into the case set for Feb. 16.