This Model Is Injecting Pints of Fat Into Her Butt to Look More Like Kim Kardashian

We've all played the game of "what celebrity's features would you steal?" after a few rounds of Rosé, but apparently some people take the hypothetical question more seriously than others. The New York Post reports that former Versace model and Plastics of Hollywood star Jennifer Pamplona recently underwent a procedure that included injecting four pints of fat into her butt, citing a desire to look like Kim Kardashian.

Pamplona, who is only 24 years old, was no stranger to plastic surgery before the procedure—hence her appearances on Plastics, a show that documents so-called "living dolls" who turn to cosmetic procedures to bring-to-life even their most far-fetched aesthetic fantasies.

Pamplona had previously undergone two breast enhancement surgeries as well as having a nose job, liposuction, and the removal of two ribs (presumably to achieve a tiny waistline). And while multiple surgeons reportedly passed up the chance to execute this dangerous surgery before Pamplona found one who could deliver, she wasn't ever worried: " my opinion," Pamplona said, "if [anything] happens I will die happy and beautiful." So...priorities, we guess?

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This certainly isn't the first time celebrity-worship reached unusual heights, but there is something disturbing about the fact that a successful, entrepreneurial young woman would be driven to emulate a celeb's body in such an extreme way. Kim Kardashian has absolutely staked her fame on her figure (which has often presented its own challenges, as when paparazzi released unretouched photos of her at the beach this year), but the popularity of "Instagram-famous butts" has become something of a phenomenon recently. The rise of hashtags like the #belfie (butt-selfie) and #seltering (named for Jen Selter's famous booty), for instance, points to the fact that Pamplona's obsession may not be an isolated incident.


Pamplona herself, however, is reportedly recovering well after the dangerous surgery—and has even regained contact with her mom, who originally refused to speak to her due to her extreme decision to go through with the surgery. Though this story has a halfway happy ending, we don't expect it'll be the last time Pamplona finds herself under the knife.