Mike Posner Slammed for Thanksgiving Halftime Show Performance

Singer Mike Posner is getting slammed online for his Thanksgiving Halftime Show performance at the Lions vs. Bears game.

The singer came out and performed a couple of songs but many viewers were not feeling it.

"Wait.. Mike Posner? Legend of Detroit?? That's the guy we picked???" one person commented on Twitter.

"The NFL should be 'buried in Detroit' for subjecting us to that halftime show!" someone else fired off.

"This indie/hipster version of Mike Posner is somehow worse than wanna rapper Mike Posner," another person joked.

Many have commented on how the singers new bearded appearance reminds them of other celebrities.

"Okay am I the only the that’s thinking this rn watching the halftime or does [Mike Posner] not look a lot like Bob Ross?!?" one Twitter user asked.

"Mike Posner out here looking like cowbell Haley Joel Osment," another user quipped.

One other person said, "Mike Posner looking like a geico commercial," in reference to the famous Geico cavemen commercials.

Some were just very surprised to see how different the singer looks now, as compared to the way he did just a few short years ago.

There were also a few people who lamented the fact that Posner didn't perform any of his most notable songs.

"Mike Posner didn't even play 'Cooler than me' that's my jam smh," one crushed fan said.

The Detroit Lions previously announced Posner as they halftime performer due to him being born and raised in the city.


"[Lions] announce 2018 Thanksgiving halftime performer, Detroit’s own [Mike Posner] and the Legendary Mike Posner Band," the team said in a statement on Nov. 15.

Posner does not appear to have responded to the criticisms of his performance, but it may only be a matter of time before he does.