Viral Star Michael Kittrell Sparks Concern Among Fans After Hospitalization

Viral star Michael Kittrell, who appeared on Hollywood Hillbillies and created the 'Gingers Do [...]

Viral star Michael Kittrell, who appeared on Hollywood Hillbillies and created the "Gingers Do Have Souls" YouTube video, sparked concern among fans after he was mysteriously hospitalized. In one of the most recent updates, he simply tweeted he was "ok."

On Oct. 9, Kittrell's sister Aubrey, offered her first update on what is going on with the internet star.

"Hey I just wanted to fill you guys in a little more on what's going on, Michael's in the hospital and I'm not sure on his condition at the moment. I'm waiting up for now to see if things change, but that's all I got," she wrote.

In the emotional video, Aubrey said Kittrall is not likely to post any new videos for a long time, explaining that he has "been going through a lot lately with his acting and stuff."

"All he wants to do is be an actor and make people happy through his acting," Aubrey said through tears. "Things haven't been going the way he wanted them to. That's all I know right now."

In another video shared only hours later, Aubrey said she was "vague" and "didn't really know what was going on." She wanted to be respectful of the CopperCab channel creator's privacy, but assured fans he was "doing better," but is still hospitalized. His stomach was pumped because he "was drinking and he wasn't supposed to be because of the medication he is on."

According to Aubrey, the doctors think it was an "attempt," but they will not know for sure until he wakes up." She said he was briefly waking up before falling asleep.

"His vital signs are okay and all of that good stuff, so we think he's doing a lot better," Aubrey said. "I just... that's all I really have for now. I just wanted to make sure I told you guys the information that I knew so that you guys weren't left in the dark again and weren't just left to speculation, kind of like how I left you last night. That's what we know for now."

Aubrey suggested she will provide updates soon, but Kittrell did provide the briefest of updates on Oct. 10. "I'm ok please don't worry," he wrote.

Twitter user Tommy C also provided an update, which Kittrell retweeted. Tommy C said Kittrell was not feeling up to put himself in front of a camera at the moment, but assured fans Kittrell is with his family. He had no further details to provide beyond what Aubrey said in her videos.

Kittrell, 24, became a viral star in 2010 when he posted a YouTube video called "Gingers Do Have Souls!!" That video alone has over 44 million views. He also starred in a 2014 Reelz reality show called The Hollywood Hillbillies. In August 2016, he made headlines for coming out as transgender with a YouTube video.

Photo credit: YouTube